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                  ABOUT US

                  Golden Grand Technology Co. Ltd., with its well-recognized Reach & Development Capability, Professional Self-Reliant Manufacturing plus Technology Consultation, and the Customer-Oriented Sales Service, nowadays is in the line of the expert of industry as a supplier, manufacturer and service provider of surface finishing treatment.  We are serving our clients all over the world with a variety of electroplating additives, brighteners, cleaners and more other chemical agents specified in the Surface Treatment Solution.   

                  Our product series include the superior-performed additives and brighteners applied to the plating of Cu, Ni, Cr, Tin, Gold, Silver, Zinc, as well as the cleaning agents used in the entire plating processes.  The applications of our products are compatible with a diversity of substrates including the brass, zinc alloy, aluminum alloy, steel and plastic.  Meanwhile with our advanced capacity, we have accumulated the substantial experiences in assisting our clients in optimizing their manufacturing process, co-designing the production equipment, and sourcing the qualified materials for either the metal or plastic electroplating.  All of those reputations and successful experiences together have given us a big and value-added advantage to further guarantee our excellent service to all customers.  

                  Supporting by the strength of Research Development and Quality Assurance, as well as our recognized professional service and goodwill over the past more than 20 years in industry, we dedicate to serve our clients with high-quality products and excellent solutions in terms of our immediate correspondence by always taking the spirit of “customer-priority and service-oriented” in mind.  We therefore keep rapid expending and growing over the 20 years and nowadays we have set up the manufacturing facilities in the locations covering China (Jiangsu Province, Guangdong Province), Taiwan, and Vietnam to keep satisfying the diversified demands from all customers and assisting the clients in need with our fast, efficient, and professional service.  

                  Forge ahead toward future, we are continually optimizing our service and contributing our profession to all our customers, and looking forward to the close cooperation with the business partners all over the world. 


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